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Duraseal™ Warm Edge Spacer Technology

All windows ordered with our Energy Miser™ LowE/Argon high performance insulated glass upgrade feature non-conductive Duraseal™ warm edge spacer systems and earn the Envirosealed Windows™ designation.

2nd generation warm edge technology

new technology replacement windows Indianapolis

Duraseal takes optimum advantage of laminates and adhesives to reduce thermal conductivity while improving surface and corner appearance over other insulating glass spacers. This multi-layered spacer system results in superior window performance & aesthetics over other warm edge spacers.

DuraSeal saves energy by insulating the frame and edge of the insulated glass unit making the unit much less conductive around the perimeter. Duraseal insulates the frame and edge of glass up to 90% better than aluminum spacer bar and 50% better than the Intercept® spacer system.

energy saving replacement windows Indianapolis

Test results performed by a third party validate the superior thermal performance benefits of Duraseal when compared to other spacers.

With Envirosealed Windows™ you will be more environmentally friendly while reducing your energy bills. Envirosealed Windows have the most energy-efficient spacer as measured by their u-value and edge of glass temperatures.