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Energy Saving Glass Options

For even more energy efficiency you can upgrade to our Energy Miser™ LowE/Argon high performance insulated glass package.

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Not all LowE glass is the same! Many products use inferior hard coat LowE coatings. So be sure to ask when comparing. Also be sure to look for 7/8 inch glass and warm edge spacer systems.

Our Energy Miser™ option adds a high performance soft coat LowE coating and Argon gas fill to each insulated glass unit. The COG* R-Value performance is twice as good as double clear glass and with triple glass it’s over three times better.

How does Energy Miser LowE glass work?

Simply put LowE high performance coatings reflect radiant heat. The new soft coat high performance coatings are so effective that they will reduce your energy bills. The argon gas fill is much denser than air and therefore reduces conduction of heat and cold through the insulated glass unit.

And Energy Miser works double duty saving you on both your heating and cooling energy bills.

replacement windows Indianapolis

In the winter your LowE coating reflects the heat given off by warmed surfaces in your home to conserve on the cost of operating your heating system. Also it keeps the inside glass surface much warmer so you and your family will feel much more comfortable.

replacement windows Indianapolis

In the hot summer cooling season the radiant energy from the sun is reflected away so that your cooling load is greatly reduced. The inside glass surface temperature is much cooler so you and your family will feel more comfortable.

As an additional benefit the Energy Miser coatings also filter out most of the damaging UV radiation form the sun. This greatly reduces fading of you window furnishings, upholstery and floors increasing their lifetime and saving you even more.