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Decorative Options

Does your home have a special color scheme that a custom exterior window color would compliment? Do you have a unique colonial grid pattern that you would like to preserve when upgrading your windows? Off Duty Construction offers you a wide range of choices for your replacement windows.

9000 Series Color Options

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Off Duty Construction offers 26 different exterior window color choices to accent the unique color scheme of your home perfectly. You'll love the way your home looks. And you can special order any custom color that your application may require.

Optional custom exterior capping comes standard in white, beige or brown. You may also order custom capping colors to coordinate with your color scheme.

Colonial Grid Options

grid options replacement windows Indianapolis

There are many colonial grid options either contoured or flat in a variety of different patterns for your replacement windows. All grids are integrated inside the insulated glass unit so they'll never require cleaning or maintenance.

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Brass Pencil Grids

Brass pencil grids are also available in a variety of patterns to compliment the style of you home. Many of the patterns include decorative jewels.

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